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What Is SEO?

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is the organization of data to properly reach the targeted customer base within the search engine results. We achieve our results through the process of Integrating Schema's, Keyword Research, On-Page Optimization Techniques, Site Organization, Backlinks, Google Tags and registering your company as a verified Google Business.

These days the best search engine result is not being particularly ranked #1 for a specific keyword. The value in seo is providing google with the proper information to best serve their customers with relevant data specific to whether the customer is just doing research, in the buyers' market or trying to find a specific professional service. Your Local Business Schema will directly let the search engines parse your site for what it is and what it isn't.

Best Practices Equal Best SEO

Your results are based on multiple factors associated with best website design practices. If your website is mobile friendly, you will rank higher. If your page speeds are within a good range, your rank will improve. We optimize not only your search engine specifications, but we will also audit your site to see what else is going on behind the scenes. Google encourages best practices and rewards companies a page authority and ranking based on these merits. We like to think that the best web practices have a synergistic effect towards our SEO services.

The Best SEO starts with an upfront review of the current project along with an audit of your current website package.

Why Do I Need SEO?

Simplest answer because everyone else is doing it. SEO will give your business the leg up within the search engines to gain hold as a reputable source of a service, product or information. Being a Google Trusted Business myself I can assure you it has helped me tenfold in getting this information out in front of your already!

What Can Your SEO Do for me?

Seo will help your customers find and understand your services along with filter out unwanted or non-buyers. We increase lead conversion and customer acquisition. We want qualified traffic from customers willing to spend a few bucks. SEO will better represent your business as a reputable, verified source on the internet while generating a Google Snippet when your business is selected giving the customer the "spark notes" on what your offerings are!

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SEO Pricing Packages

Online accuracy for offline results. Buchanan SEO helps you get the most out of your online presense.

Basic SEO 
$1,250 /month

We publish location data to essential Directory partners in the US, UK, & Canada – including Google, Facebook, Google Maps, & Waze.

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Plus SEO
$2,000 /month

In addition to Directories, publishes to Aggregators: Factual, Infogroup, & Local Listins. Plus, additional partners in the US.

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Complete SEO
$3,500 /month

Publishes to major Directories & Aggregators, with ability to respond directly to customer reviews and post to social platforms.

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Looking for enterprise plan? We offer discounts for large multi-site portfolio's!

Everything you need to be everywhere your customers are, wrapped up in one pretty package—at a special price.

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