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Frequntly Asked Questions

We transform your perception into an excellent website

Responsive web design is the practice that suggest design and development should respond to the user’s device based on the environment (screen size), platform and orientation. The website will automatically know what type of device and load the assets accordingly.

We will make your website faster by running it through Google Page Speed insights to optimize images, content and deliver assets with the least amount of parse requests. The goal is to load your content within a few seconds on mobile devices specifically. Customers that must wait will leave and click the next search result within 5 seconds.
When you are a Buchanan SEO client for web design and development services or a search engine results client, we will provide a monthly custom report outlining all the website metrics and key performance indicators.
Buchanan SEO is an Amazon Web Services (AWS) Partner. AWS is the premiere web design solution for hosting and long-term maintenance. AWS provides upfront pricing at an average of $5 per month per site. If your looking to scale your services, it is as simple as one click away on our end. If you decide to move to a new digital solutions provider in the future, you will retain ownership of your website design package through AWS.
Yes, your coding best practices go inline with your seo score. If your website is slow then google marks it as a less resourceful option. When your code is sloppy google also renders that as a less then optimal asset, degrading your search engine results. Your website design should be your companies’ online showcase where any potential client in the united states or international can come and see what your offerings are as well as potentially converting a casual visitor into a customer.
Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is the practice of manipulating data / information to conform to the Google best practices while integrating pieces of code into the web package that better inform Google what your companies services, hours, offerings may be. We optimize your Meta Data, integrate custom search engine schema and start a SEO campaign to monitor keywords and terms used to describe your business best to potential customers. Keyword research, on-page optimization, site organization, backlinks, local seo, technical seo, and tracking your seo results.
Simplest answer because everyone else is doing it. SEO will give your business the leg up within the search engines to gain a hold as a reputable source of a service, product or information. Being a Google Trusted Business myself I can assure you it has helped me tenfold in getting this information out in front of your already!