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Why hire web designer?

Hiring a web designer can be a complex process for a business owner. We simplify the web development process and ensure your company is using the latest technology for development and website maintenance which makes the success of your business more probable!

What's your goal?

What are your short and long-term goals. We will put together a plan for your online growth and success. Discuss the steps you have taken and need to take in the future while seeing how your short term goals will help serve your long term success.

Mobile friendly, responsive designs that'll grow your business.

Responsive web design is the practice that suggest design and development should respond to the user’s device based on the environment (screen size), platform and orientation. The website will automatically know what type of device and load the assets accordingly.

Mobile friendly sites load significantly faster on mobile devices. Giving you the leg up when 75% of all searches are coming from cell phones these days. We will be able to load your site within 5 seconds on any mobile devices. Customers on average will go back to the search results and select your competitor if they have any lag in the customer experience.

Is your website better then your competitors?

Comparing your website to your competitors is a very useful resource in the internet age.

Buchanan SEO Mobile Friendly, Responsive Website Designs

Website Design Packages

We can design and develop a website that specifically meets your unique needs, and meets your required standards as well as industry related standards

Professional Service

Custom Mobile Responsive HTML / CSS / JavaScript website for professional service providers.

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WordPress E-Commerce

Sell online with the fully customizable, open source eCommerce platform built for WordPress.

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Magento Commerce

No other platform gives you the power to create unique and engaging shopping experiences.

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If you're not exactly sure which pricing strategy will work for your business. Contact us we will help you to choose your best pricing option.
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We'll ask a few questions

Website Audit / Discovery


We'll review your current website if you have one to see what's working and what isn't. If your new to the process don't worry, we'll discover what your goals of owning a website are. What you'd lile to achieve online and how you'd like to be portrayed to your customer base.

Website Audit and Discovery process - Buchanan SEO
Creative Web Design - Buchanan SEO

We sort out what works best for your brand!

Creative Web Design


After gathering your insights we'll put together a website design that suites your brand, brainstorm a rough sitemap and deliver a basic page template with your header and footer.


Website Development


Things start looking like a website at this stage of the websites development. We'll have your logo incorporated with your content, images and products up at a testing url for revisions!

Website Development - Buchanan SEO
Website Launch - Buchanan SEO

When we stop asking questions

Website Launch


Of course, your website launch is the most exciting stage of development. We incorporate our seo techniques at this point for basic coverage within the search engines. You'll be given access to your client portal, Google Analytics account and AWS hosting will be transferred over to your company if the client requests third party hosting.

Have any more questions?

What, Where, and How?

The real challenge to my business is giving the client and all around solution so our clients can focus more efforts on their day to day operations.

What is responsive design?

You have full access to all the features of wizixo Standard for 30 days.

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How do I make my website faster?

To upgrade to the Standard plan, log into your account and enter a valid credit card.

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Where will my website be hosted?

We accept MasterCard and Visa. we also accept bank transfers or checks.

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Does my website design matter?

Once you get your code, just enter it into the promo code area on your billing page.

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Does design matter? How important is design to business success.